Staying sober one minute at a time

When I came to the program first, a day seemed like such a long time  to stay sober and not to act out. A member asked me if I could stop for 1 minute. I said I could do it. Then he asked if I could stop for 60 minutes. So I said I could. Then it was suggested I break the day up into morning, afternoon and evening sections. Three four hour blocks. I made a call during each period to an SA member to help me through. I found the evenings especially difficult so I arranged to call a member before bedtime to help me get to bed sober. In this way I was able to go a whole day without acting out. I was told to make at least 3 calls every day. Some days I made more calls simply because I felt more sober doing it. This was back in 1998 before mobile phones so I was always going around with piles of change in my pocket to make the calls at a coinbox. I got thirty days of sobriety by doing this. Then I got a year by doing the same thing. It started to get easier, I used the calls to bookend myself whenever I felt vulnerable. Today I am 16 years sober -which is a miracle for me. Mobile phones are a gift from my higher power to help me stay sober and make my life so much easier. I am still doing the same thing staying sober one minute at time, admitting powlerlessness and making calls a few times a day. It is a habit now, it works for me. Trying to stay sober on my own was a complete failure.I am so grateful for all the members who are willing to take my call, they are always there for me and have never let me down.  Cathal M