Sources of anxiety

I am 87 days sexually sober today.  Early into this stretch of sobriety, I decided to cut back on how much coffee I drank.  I was only drinking one cup a day, but it was strong.  I had been having major problems with anxiety for some time. When I cut out the coffee, my anxiety level dropped dramatically.  I've done some reading and there seems to be a connection between caffeine intake and anxiety for some people.  I believe it's true for me.  I've noticed that even small amounts of coffee cause anxiety spikes for me.
All this time I had been looking for external emotional causes for my anxiety: my job, my kids, my car, etc... These do contribute, but the coffee was playing a major role too.  
I am thankful to my Higher Power and to this program for leading me to better health.  Little, obvious changes sometimes make a big difference!