Small steps bring progress

Today is Day 15 of sobriety. I started my morning as I usually do, reading a devotion.  Lately, each morning's reading seems to be especially written for me.  Today's reading was about progress.
We are a generation that likes "big" things.  We take big vacations on cruise ships and ski trips to the mountains. We like big meals at nice restaurants.  We throw big parties for our children with clowns and balloon artists.  We believe that a little is good and a lot is even better. We enjoy the big, grandiose things in life.
I have noticed that I tend to look at my progress in recovery the same way. I'm looking for the big steps; a giant leap forward.  I'm desperately looking for some grand epiphany or seismic event that will fix me and make it all better.
But that's not what progress is about.  The author I read quotes from Aesop's fable "The tortoise and the hare", reminding me that the hare is flashy and speedy and grandiose, but the tortoise, with his slow and steady pace, won the race.
"Giant strides, however pleasant they may be on rare occasions, don't get the world's work done. That is done by little steps, taken daily."
Of course, he isn't specifically talking about addiction or recovery, but the point is very relevant.  Recovery is not about some grand, life-altering event. It's about small steps taken each day.  And taking those small steps again this afternoon. And again tomorrow.
Take Courage.  Each step you take, no matter how small, is step closer to your goal.