Sharing reduces the power of lust

I had a Step 1 experience yesterday, which reminded me how powerful lust is and how completely powerless I am over it.  My wife and I are currently travelling in Italy, a country without SA meetings.  Temptations are everywhere and clothing choices can be very toxic.  We were on a train, taking a short trip to a nearby town.  A woman got on the train and sat directly in front of us.  She was a perfect temptation for me, and I began lusting almost immediately.  As we were getting off the train, another passenger needed some information.  Attempting to help out, my "trigger" responded in English.  Thinking I knew better, I ignored what the trigger said and gave the enquirer different information.  As we were getting off the train, there was some accidental physical contact between myself and the trigger, which was very triggering for me and much more powerful than any fantasy.  My sexaholic imagination took off and I had difficulty shaking it all afternoon.  I prayed a lot (for her) and for myself, asking God to take this away.  I surrendered my lust to Him, and contacted my sponsor and another member last night.  I also journalled about it.  I'm putting it out here, because the more I share it, the less power it will have over me.