SA-Net helps loner

I'm writing this with a deep feeling of gratitude.
I first discovered that I was a sex addict in 2010, through reading Contrary to Love by Patrick Carnes. From then on, I struggled to become sober but never managing more than seven days. This left me feeling angry and guilty. Joining a spiritual organisation helped but things really began to change for me when I joined SA-Net in May 2014.

SA-Net showed me that I was not alone in the struggle - that there are many more like me. This took some of the pressure off. Next my mailbox was flooded with emails from members who guided me along the path ahead. God was doing for me what I could not do for myself.

I just surrendered to God and he has kept me sober day by day since 26.05.14. As there are no face to face SA meetings or published literature in my country, I went to the AA office yesterday and bought six books, including AA Big Book. I also went to face to face AA meetings for the first time.

Now I have a stong desire to help others who are suffering like me, here in Mumbai India. I know there are many but do not know how best to help them. God will show me the way, I'm sure. I thank all who have been in this journey with me from the bottom of my heart.