The reasons for the illness are unimportant

I'd like to issue a caution, based on my own experience, that a treasure hunt for the cause of acting out can be a fool's quest.  I saw an old man die in this disease because in his 70's he was still trying to find the "buried treasure" that would explain why he was an addict or had addictive tendencies and he never found it.

I don't think it's a matter of mathematics:  Bad Parents + Being a Middle Child + Sensitive Person = The Reason I Act Out  

People who've had a worse time of it than me aren't addicts, so no amount of factors equals the sum of being an addict.  

SA says sexaholism is a disease.  It doesn't matter who, what, or why is behind my pneumonia; if I don't focus on the medicine, I'll die.

"Avoid getting too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired" (HALT) warns me that acting out can result from simply becoming hungry and tired, and that my sobriety may just require a snack and a nap.

It's a simple as this:
Question: What is my lust really looking for?  
Answer: A lust hit.