Practicing self care

This week has been challenging for me, and was made worse by some drama last night. I allowed this to affect my mood and even allowed it to keep me up last night with worry and anxiety.

There's nothing I can do about it, but I persisted in getting worked up over it. And, of course, lust came along for the ride. I prayed several times through the night, continuing today, surrendering to my Higher Power.

I also practiced some "self care" today.  Over lunch, I sat at my desk and started writing notes to different people:  a few widows I know, a family that lost their father a few days ago, my mother who is in poor health.  So far, I've written and mailed a half-dozen little notes.  I am not a great writer, nor am I poetic or eloquent. Even my penmanship leaves a bit to be desired.  But it has forced me to focus on someone other than myself, someone who has problems greater than my problems, and maybe I'll bring some small moment of comfort to someone else.

I definitely have a better perspective right now and am absolutely feeling less stressed and much less triggered.  It's been good for me to focus on others for a while.