Persistence wins

After a long period of sobriety,  I have slipped up and acted out this week.  I have had long periods of sobriety before that I've broken before and I have just glossed over and told others that I "had a hard week" or that I "pushed some boundaries". This is the first time I have actually said that I've broken my sobriety.  I felt ashamed and broken at first and slipped into old patterns for a few days but today I feel refreshed and empowered.  

At church recently the message was "how to run the race":- when (not if) you fall,  get back up and into the race.  A video was shown of a college 600m race. The lead runner fell at 400m but she got right back up,  ran as hard as she could and in the final 200m she caught up and won the race.  That is what I have to do.  Get back up and not just slowly finish the race but push to get back to where I belong,  winning the race.  

I know with help and strength from my Higher Power I shall be able to get back up and into the race.