Overcoming early morning urges

I've had problems with lust in the early morning.  Every one of my masturbation relapses has occurred at that time. But also, every one of those relapses was preceded by a period in which I was giving in to lust.  

When I play with my lust, when I let it in the door for a bit, when I linger in early morning arousal (or worse, feed it with thoughts or actions), I am triggering my allergy.  By these kinds of actions, I build the internal drugs in my body, the ones that I perceive as sexual excitement.  And those drugs don’t go away; they get amplified during sleep by the natural building of testosterone.  This is truly what it means to be a sexaholic: that I have an unnatural reaction to those internal drugs.  When they build, most people react with a bit of excitement that then fades.  But my body reacts by wanting more of them.  Very quickly, that reaction causes me to do things that I never intended or wanted to do.  I am different than normal people.  I am a sexaholic.

The solution is simple, but not easy.  It is to learn to live life without lust.  I can only do that by finding a spiritual experience that revolutionizes my attitudes toward life, towards people, and towards God’s universe.  Working the Steps under the guidance of a sponsor is the only path I’ve found that does this.

(BTW, there seem for me to be huge differences between temptation, lust, and loving sexual relations).  

Temptation occurs outside me.  It’s the visual cue of a jogger on the street, a TV ad, or even an intruding memory.

Lust is what I do with that temptation.  It’s the selfish enhancement, within myself, to grab for more than is good for me.  It happens to me in sexual 1ust, when I feed the fantasies.  It also happens in other kinds of 1ust, when I envy someone else’s house or job or when I grab for a huge dessert, even when I’m already full.
Loving relations with my wife happen without 1ust.  It is a mutual caring for each other, a physical act that grows out of our caring and love.)

The solution for night-time arousal is to live a better, cleaner life during the day.