Orientation is irrelevant

For 40 years I was a closet cross-dresser,  obsessed with the opposite sex!  Neither I,  nor the long sober SA I today share a house with, have shown signs of being same-sex attracted - yet!  
But lust is so cunning,  baffling and powerful that anything is possible unless I keep opting for sobriety - today.  (Only 4 years ago, I suddenly found myself lusting after an 80 year old relative, even though I had known her without a lustful thought, all my life...). Lust knows no bounds and my disease is progressive.... 
It seems that in sobriety,  that treasured icon of contemporary society - sexual orientation - becomes for those of us blessed with such sobriety, totally irrelevant! 
When sober SAs gather at our conventions,  I can no longer tell who is same-sex attracted and who is not. Even gender differences pale into insignificance,  compared to the loving acceptance and freedom that is available to us all equally,  as sober sexaholics.