A note to myself

You are powerless over lust yet you still want to be lusted after. It's a fact and it's ok to accept it because it's a part of you. Embrace the beauty around you and give thanks. The people you see when you are out and about are out because they need to get something done, not because of you, dear sexaholic. Get over yourself. 

Again, this note is to me but sharing it with my SA home group solidifies it - as opposed to just saying it in my head. 

I surrender the lust I felt when i was on my walk today. I made up in my mind that a well dressed man I passed was lusting after me. Maybe it was the case, maybe it wasn't...it doesn't matter. I wish him well and thank God for the beauty he puts on this Earth. 

I surrender a thought I had on my walk today - about logging on to a social networking site and seeing if anyone wanted to connect. 

I appreciated a share in my SA meeting today. A man said he was thankful for lust. This intrigued me, of course. He is adopting an attitude of gratitude towards his addiction and finding the beauty in the world and being grateful for it, rather than turning it into a trigger. I'm going to try this.