Not debating SA's sobriety definition

Reflecting on how to handle the periodic intrusions into my life of those who think SA's sobriety definition somehow discriminates against them, I'm beginning to suspect that each time a longer sober member of our meeting takes up the issue we somehow only make things worse. 

Those keen to debate our sobriety definition (which touches our very identity as a fellowship) debate even harder, while others do our best to share back vulnerably about how lust is the great equalizer etc etc, but the usual outcome is that we end up making a mountain out of what might have remained a molehill had we just kept quiet.

And once we have created such a mountain, the worst starts happening - newcomers start leaving, saying "This meeting is not what I'm looking for...". 

I confess I sometimes feel the same way myself, except that I am not about to give up on a meeting that has at times been my lifeline and could be a life-saver for others also... 

Could it be that the best way to handle such intrusions is simply to ignore them..? 

Just wondering - and committing to keeping my own peace should this situation arise again - as I am sure it will. Powerful solutions seem to have a way of attracting attack....and I'm choosing simply to accept that.