Needed lust like a third nostril

It's hard to believe that sex is optional.  Before SA, I would think about ending my life, but never about ending my acting out.  Life was optional but sex was a necessity.

I believed that a healthy male was supposed to turn his head and look at certain women as he passed them.  Now I believe a 200+ pound man - that's a tenth a ton - walking with his head turned is a hazard to himself and others.  He can't look where he's going if he's looking where she's going.  He could end up running into a tree or stepping on a dog (I almost have).  If looks could kill, lust looks definitely can.

To me, a male not obsessed with sex was a cold body without a pulse - the walking dead.  But I was a zombie when I was acting out, fixated as I was on human flesh.

I can only believe one day at a time, that I can live without sex, but I do know now that I can live without lust - growling and drooling after women. Maybe the biggest lie lust told me was that I need it.  It's not true.  I need lust like a third nostril.