A memo from Lust

ATTENTION. I just received this memo from Lust who insists I deliver it to everyone. I know I'm not supposed to be taking orders from Lust anymore, but old habits die hard.
Greetings Sexaholics,

This is Lust. Some of you may recognize me from my historical roles in starting the Trojan War, blinding Samson, and the career of Cleopatra. Most of you know me on a more intimate basis.

I've been very pleased following recent disputes between members. Hopefully some of you are contemplating a visit (or return) to me soon, or at least leaving SA, which would not cause me to shed too many tears.

I think everyone should act out (sorry, I had to at least throw the idea out there). At the very least be sure to ask advice or empowerment from my good friend Anger. He'll steer you down the road of crappy destiny, where I'll unwearyingly be waiting for you.

By no means listen to Acceptance. Acceptance is a sissy. Acceptance didn't build the pyramids.  I did.  Or rather, it did build the pyramids if you were one of the slaves who accepted his lot. But do you want to be stuck building a pyramid? Who actually remembers the slaves who built the pyramids, besides, in some stories, God? They were all anonymous, much like your artless programme name. 

Much better to be Pharaoh, whose mummified person continues to inspire awe, or at least mild nausea.