Lust's Luv Letter

Dear Pinocchio,

I'm delighted to see that you have been sowing your wild oats lately. There's my boy! Who wants to to be boring and glum after all, eh? That is definitely NOT what you, with all those brains of yours, were designed for. What a waste of all that brain-power it would be if you ever stopped flexing those intellectual muscles of yours...

Then there's all those interesting people you met up with lately.... The rich and the famous really do have so much to teach us...A little envy now and then never did anyone any harm. In fact without a dose of envy and social climbing no one would ever get anywhere in the world. What was the name of that princess you met ? She's rich, beautiful - maybe even a match for you, don't you think?

Your recent defense of atheism was brilliant. You really socked it to them....those namby-pamby 12 Steppers really are a bunch of half-wits. Most of them cannot even construct a simple argument... the way they go on and on about their experience really makes me sick... (time we both checked out that sweet girl you met on the High Street the other day...)

Remember my motto, boy... If you want to live a first class life, then by golly you'd better choose to be number one in everything you do. And you've got the brain-power to do it.

Just remember I'll always be there for you. I'm the only inner resource you'll ever need.


(Note from the Ed, Pinnochio's conscience - at least what is left of it: Remember lust is a consummate, inveterate liar. But notice how good he sounds.)