Lust - the monkey on my back

Before I began recovering in SA, I had already noticed a huge difference between myself and a good friend of mine. When we were eating out together, I would notice every woman that walked into the restaurant and I'd go through my mental checklist of lust. My friend, on the other hand, wouldn't even notice when the most beautiful women walking in. This used to bother me because I wanted to talk lustfully about these sightings, while to him they were just a passing thought of no real interest. 

Today, I admire how he lives and try to emulate his behavior. It must be nice for him not to have the same monkey on his back as I have on mine. 

Sex is optional. Three amazing words. When I was acting out, I might have understood those words intellectually, but the way I lived made sex a necessity. I've been sober a little while now and I have yet to experience any adverse affects. Actually it is the opposite - with sobriety I have progressive growth in spirituality. A much better way of life.