Lust calling

Here's how lust calls to me:

"Come to me, I'll take away all your pain and make you forget for a little while." 
"Think of all the fun we used to have. Let's go out tonight and have some fun."
"One little look won't hurt. Just see who is in the chat rooms."

I used to give in to lust's calls, but now I have this fellowship, a sponsor and this programme to tell lust NO!

At my SA home group recently, I shared that the biggest difference in my current (and longest lasting) sobriety, is knowing that "I am never alone." My sponsor reminds me daily and you guys help me to remember that I am not alone.

Lust likes me when I'm alone.
Lust likes to isolate me from the programme and from others.
Lust likes to keep me from sharing and reaching out when I need help.

But I am not alone in this battle and lust will have to find another friend, because for the next 24 hours I'm not available.