Learning that sex is optional

Optional?  This may be the key difference between me and a “normie.” All men seem to be geared for sex.  (Women, too, but in a different way.)  That’s why it works so well in advertising.  When a “normie” man sees a woman jogging by, he looks.  Then he gets on with whatever he was doing.

But that’s where the difference lies.  As a sexaholic, when I look ... I also set off the craving.  I look again.  And again.  And I linger.  And it takes over my mind.  And I fantasize.  Even long after the woman (or man) goes by, I’m still looking.  I’ve set off that craving, and I don’t know how long it will keep on going.  “Once is too much, and no amount is ever enough.”

And this is sooooo pleasurable to me that I also use it to deal with (escape from) life.  Now that’s something that you won’t see a sane man do!  “Wow.  I just lost that contract.  I’m in debt up to my ears.  I know!  I’ll go play online and masturbate for ten hours until 3am!  That’ll fix everything!”

To the normie, sex truly is optional.  For me, I had to learn that.  “Sex is optional.”  Those words in the SA White Book were a revelation to me.