It's hard to slip on dry concrete

A member described the "out of body" experience of watching one's self act out. I remember once, after my first mighty stretch of sobriety (ten days), being in the shower and suddenly watching my hands begin self-sex. I yelled, "NO! Woah boy! Heel! Quit! Ya Mule! Desist!" all to no avail. I was watching my body acting out and was somehow unable to stop it.

In his story, Roy K. relates driving to an acting out appointment (SA 16-17). He is "driving on the freeway," sees a car crash, pulls off the road, decides not to act out, but then "found my car getting back onto the freeway." Roy, don't you mean you drove back onto the freeway? You "found your car" doing it? But I identify: at some point during a temptation, I'm no longer driving.

In the physical world, the word "slip" virtually means a lack of consent. One doesn't "voluntarily slip," unless he's a baseball player running to second on a double play, and then it's called a slide. The slip is not really the point. What was the slippery thing one was standing on that initiated the fall? SA meetings for me are like a dry, concrete floor and it's hard to slip on concrete.