Information about SA for Priests and Clergy in Ireland

For Priests and Clergy some information about Sexaholics Anonymous. 

The moral situation in Ireland has changed quite a lot in the past few years. With the introduction of the internet and a loosening of the moral codes of previous generations people nowadays are presented with many choices when it comes to matters both sexual and moral. The knock on effect of this situation is that some people can become addicted to various behaviours  and sexual activities which were not available in Ireland before this. There has been a major increase in the use of prostitution with the availability of escort agencies in towns and cities across Ireland. The internet has a vast number of pornographic sites available and some people can become addicted to watching these. It is available on smart phones and tablets also, so people can access pornorgraphic material in an instant. This can cause huge difficulties and have a disastrous effect of personal relationships. People may not even realise that they have become addicted and the fact that they are causing themselves damage may illude them. 

In your ministry as a Priest  you may come across people who have recurring problems with lust in various forms. Behaviours like compulsive masturbation, watching pornograpy, becoming involved in serial relationships, use of prostitution, living in a fantasy world, cross dressing/transgender fixations, same sex lust, fetishes and various other types of activities are things to look out for. Some people will be able to stop and look on it as experimentation but others will not until it starts to take a major toll on their well being and peace of mind.  

You may come across this type of person through hearing confession or through a counselling role. Once someone becomes addicted it becomes increasingly difficult to stop on their own resources. This is where Sexaholics Anonymous can really help. We are men and women who have been through this addiction and got free from it. We have the ability to help others as a result of our personal experiences. The fellowship provides monitoring and support for the members and the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop. We know that many may be suffering through a lack of knowledge about their condition. We wish to carry the message of recovery to those who are still suffering and who really want to stop and move on with their lives into a better place.  

Here are some ways you can help to carry the message of SA:
1. By giving out a small notice card to anyone you think may need it.
2. By displaying a notice card about SA in the back of your Church or in counselling centres.
3. By putting the following notice about SA in your parish newsletter: 
“Is lust or sex addiction ruining your life? If so SA can Help. Sexaholics Anonymous is a 12  step program with meetings for those who want to stop. Irish SA helpline 1850 200692 Irish Website Euro website” 

By doing these things you may save someone's life who is suffering from this addiction. Thank you for your support.