How do I know if I'm a sexaholic?

The AA Big Book suggests a test for those are are not sure whether they are real alcoholics - which involves more drinking. Fortunately I have determined beyond doubt that I am a real sexaholic - simply by considering my past acting out. 

I acted out to deal with stress. I acted out to avoid feelings. I acted out to escape from life. I acted out to have a fantasy world to live in. I acted out to punish myself. I acted out to reward myself. I acted out to prepare for the day. I acted out to help me get to sleep. I acted out because the sex I engaged in two minutes ago wasn't the fantasy I wanted it to be. I acted out because I was bored. I acted out to heighten dull emotions. I acted out to heighten already heightened emotions. I acted out to bring myself out of the dumps. I acted out because I liked how it felt. I acted out because I had just acted out and I was feeling awful about it. I acted out because it made me feel in control of something. I acted out because it made me my own god. I acted because of the intrigue, the tease and the forbidden. I acted because I believed it was impossible not to, so I might as well get it over with. I acted out for myriad of other reasons. 
But in the end, I acted out because I am a sexaholic. Which mean that, for me, acting oou what inevitably follows my lusting. And I couldn't stop, even when I wanted to.
And then finally when I was really ready to be done with acting out, I surrendered to God and this simple program of working the 12 Steps under the direction of a sponsor.