The guidance of my sponsor

I just wanted to share some of my gratitude. I've just called my sponsor, who is always encouraging me to do Step work. He asked that we get together tomorrow morning, prior to our SA meeting, to discuss my current Step work.

I'm grateful for his emphasis on Step work and that he is willing to work with me so early on a Saturday morning. I get so much out of meeting with him and discussing the Steps. He provides me with different perspectives, without which I'd be shorting myself.

I mentioned some of my current resistance and he shared how he had had such periods too. Then he told me how he had worked through those periods. This helped me to see that I could do the same.

I'm a lucky man. Years ago, I didn't know what was wrong with my life. It took a long time for to hear my Higher Power, directing me to SA. Now I know what was wrong and have the blueprints for a new way of life. I'm lucky to have found many SA mambers who have helped me to understand this new way by sharing their experience, strength and hope. I'm lucky to have a sponsor who acts as my GPS, guiding me in my spiritual awakening.