A Gratitude List

Lately, I have been dwelling on the negative side of life. I've been feeling sorry for myself - poor me, poor me, pour me a drink - and it very nearly happened. My sponsor remarked that I was "sniffing a drink". Yes, life has been a tad challenging BUT so many other things have been working and these are the things I want share with you:

  1. I am sober today by the grace of HP
  2. I love my wife and she tells me she loves me
  3. I love my young son and he loves me too
  4. I love my job and I give my best
  5. I love fellowship with my church
  6. I love the SA program
  7. I am grateful for my sponsor...man, he has really helped me
  8. God really loves me - giving me the opportunity to stay sober and to be useful
  9. I am grateful that I have an education
  10. I am really grateful for this opportunity to share online
  11. I am grateful for the internet nowadays because through it I meet new friends, attend online meetings and make money from online activities
  12. I am grateful for our unborn child
  13. I am grateful that some people owe me some money and I pray for their success and well being so that they too can repay me
  14. I am grateful for the challenges in life because, without them, I would'nt change
  15. I am grateful for my country, our government, our democracy, my fellow citizens
  16. I am grateful for my health
  17. I am grateful for the people who started the SA program
  18. I am grateful for my friends and family
  19. I am grateful for the many people who love me
  20. I am grateful to be sober