Gifts of the SA programme

Six precious months of recovery in SA have given me two great gifts.

First is the gift of the tools. I’ve learned ABOUT the many tools available - calling members, daily sobriety renewal, prayer, meditation, slogans, SA literature, Step work. etc... but more importantly I’ve learned HOW to use these tools in my daily life.... and I’ve practiced choosing to use the tools rather than using lust.

Second is the gift of clarity in my life. My brain is slowly getting defogged from the millions of images, still and moving, and from the myriads of people, places and things which made each day a hopeless walk through minefields. This clarity allows me to stay out of insanity, out of “the bubble”. It encourages me to practice daily mindfulness, acceptance, and gratitude. Beyond the fog of lust I can “trudge the road of happy destiny” - working the Steps and addressing my character defects. The promises of the 9th Step seem to come nearer, slowly but surely.