Freedom from lust obsession and compulsion

The freedom that comes from really working the SA program of recovery on my lust addiction and right connection with God and others still amazes me!

Sometimes, when I've had a really rough day or week, I arrive at my home group feeling tired and down. It might take me the better part of the meeting to really start "being there". But then, somewhere in the course of the meeting, it hits me once again that I have been given this amazing gift of freedom from lust obsession and compulsion. No matter what else has been going on, today I'm still sober!

Today I no longer have to act out! Today I am free to not have to do those things that harm me and others.

And it isn't because I am somehow now in control of what I previously wasn't. I still am powerless over the lust which will lead to my sexual acting out. But, as I work the program in surrender to God, I am given that freedom. It is a precious gift. It is something I cannot do but "God could and would if He were sought." And He is indeed "doing for me what I could not do for myself.