False expectations appearing real

Most of my fear is conversational fear, that is, fear plays doomsday prophet and I try to converse with it.

Doomsday:  Brace yourself!  You're gonna lose your job soon!
Me: How could that be?  My boss just complimented me.
Doomsday:  Naturally you can't foresee calamity.  That's what prophets are for.
Me: But you said I'd lose my job last year.
Doomsday: That was practice.  

My dear counselor has finally given up suggesting cognitive behavioral therapy on my fear.  I keep wishing my counselor would talk to my fear to see how persuasive it can be.  I've tried my best to "de-catastrophize", such as when fear was saying a small bump on my earlobe was the start of malignant cancer.  

Me:  Cancer of the ear lobe is extremely rare.  What are the odds I would have it?    
Fear:  Fine.  Ignore it.  I'm sure the cancer will be easier to treat in advanced stages.
Me: I do not have ear lobe cancer!
Fear: Maybe not.  But your earlobe has skin.  Maybe it's skin cancer.
Me:  I've had this before.  It always goes away.
Fear: Well then, you have nothing to worry about.  Forgive me for caring.  I'll go.
Me:  Good!  (a few minutes later)  O god, what if he's right? 

I even have what might be called "automotive hypochondria."  A little rattle in the engine compartment makes me suspect the transmission - the most expensive repair short of buying a new car.  All this would suggest I have a deep-seated fascination with the worst possible scenario.

Maybe that's why lʊst fantasies are irresistible to me.  In fantasy, the extremism works the other way: I conjure up the best possible scenario.  I imagine visiting the doctor's office, the most attractive doctor comes in, locks the door in the most definite way, and so forth.

I used to wonder whether I preferred porn or fantasy, which for me is like choosing between French fries and chocolate.  A fantasy woman produced a more intense high, since I could control her absolutely, but a porn woman was more real, or at least insofar as a mass of pixels radiating on a plastic surface creating the illusion of movement can be called real.

Anyway, today it seems to me that I should treat lʊst fantasies and fear fantasies the same way.