Dear Newcomer

Hi, I'm glad you've found us. This medium is a great comfort and support for me - particularly when I'm away from home. But that's really all it is.  I find that recovery comes (and continues to come) when I:

  • attend regular face to face meetings, even if I have to travel long distances to get to them
  • ask for a temporary sponsor (from my face to face meeting) to guide me through the Steps
  • buy the White Book, SA's Step into Action books and the AA Big Book, and start reading them daily
  • start building an inner, spiritual life by getting on my knees first thing every morning and thanking God for keeping me sober
  • getting as many SA 'phone numbers as possible and calling them every time I feel tempted. That way we begin helping others too stay sober, which also helps us more than anything. 

God bless you, and have a lust-free day...