The dark look has gone

I seem to always think negatively about life first thing in the morning...but it leaves as I start to get going. Hitting my knees to pray for another sober 24 hours for my sponsor - then for another sober 24 hours for me helps.

These past few days, the negative thoughts have been lingering...they have been about recovery - "Why this life?... Why me?...So much has been lost" etc... So I want to say five good things about recovery:

  1. I got relief and freedom from a life-long disease - even though it has been painful - I have moments of joy and peace unlike any I have known.
  2. I am learning to relate to others in a way that is good for them and good for me. SA is teaching me this.
  3. I understand myself better and why I act the way I do. Today, I can choose something different. Before I was on auto pilot. 
  4. My mental and emotional health is so much better.
  5. I saw a sparkle in my eyes when I looked in the mirror this morning. That dark look has gone.