Consequences of lust

In the past, when it came to choosing whether to lust (and get immediate rewards) or to delay gratification for future rewards, I had no power nor sufficient reason to delay. I always opted for the immediate rewards of lust. The reward was the "relief" that I felt as soon as I lusted.

Also there was no immediate consequences of lusting. Things did go wrong but only somewhere in the future - impotence, STDs, being broke and lonely or full of guilt and shame, etc. Many times I couldn't even associate the lusting with its attendant consequences. That's why I always opted for immediate rewards.

Today, by the grace of God, I do not debate whether I should lust or not. I have never been good at making such a choice. Instead, I surrender my thinking to my HP in prayer, until the whole debate just goes away.

I am powerless over that debate in my head. I cannot even play the tape till the end as they say. I tried that once but just ended up acting out.