Celebrating 4 years of sobriety

Today, I have a deep sense of gratitude for each of you.  You've helped me stay sober, one day at a time, one struggle at a time, for 4 years now.

When I came into SA, I was a mess. It was an alternative to driving my car into a wall. I was looking for anything to pull myself out of the misery that this addiction had brought me.  I was afraid of losing my health, my family, my reputation, my job. I had already lost my dignity and self-respect. By God's grace, I was encouraged to go to SA. When I arrived, you welcomed me warmly, and I listened.

One day at a time, I went to meetings. With your encouragement, I started with 90 meetings in 90 days.
One day at a time, I made phone calls. They were awkward and embarrassing, but you said call, so I called.
One day at a time, I worked the steps.  Each step felt like a step off a cliff. It was scary, but as I did the work with my sponsor, my world changed.
One day at a time, I prayed to a Higher Power. Learning to trust God was seemingly impossible but, surviving numerous trials throughout my recovery, I've learned that God is good. I may not always see the path ahead, but He has always blessed me through them.  When I doubted, your faith encouraged me along. 

I once heard it said that "Some members have too many years and not enough days."  I pray for the willingness to work my program today. Yesterday's sobriety won't keep me sober today. 

Thank you for the gift of sobriety and recovery!