Caution in disclosing to a spouse

On disclosing to a spouse, the SA White Book has the best advice I have ever read. I have copied the text below. At my SA home group, we read this out in every newcomer's meeting. Before I came to SA, I confessed to my husband what I had been doing – his reaction and my guilt led to my suicide attempt a week later. I have heard others in the program share about destruction caused by confessions made too soon and without guidance - they are heartbreaking.

“A Caution

We suggest that newcomers to Sexaholics Anonymous not reveal their sexual past to a spouse or family member who does not already know of it, without careful consideration and a period of sexual sobriety, and even then, only after prior discussion with an SA sponsor or group. Typically, when we come into the program, we want to share our excitement with those closest to us and tell all right away. Such disclosures might injure our family or others and should be confined to the group of which we are a part until a wise course is indicated. Of course, if there is any chance we have put others in danger, we take immediate steps to try to correct that.

Few things can so damage the possibility of healing in the family as a premature confession to spouse or family where sacred bonds and trust have been violated. Unwittingly, such confessions can be attempts on our part to dump our guilt, get back into good graces, or make just another show of willpower. Great caution is advised here.

Amends to family must begin with a sexually sober, changed attitude and behavior on a daily basis. Then, as we grow in recovery, we will find how to make direct amends. Help from sponsor and group is indispensable here. There's always a way, if we really want to make things right.” SA White Book Page 3.