The Birds

I live by the sea, where there are many gulls.  Seagulls normally mind their own business but once, when I was walking along eating a cake, a seagull noticed me and swooped.  It hovering just above my head, close enough to slap my head with it's wing. It wanted one thing only - my cake. Lust is a lot like this for me. I can be walking along minding my own business and suddenly lust will hover and attack. If I pay no attention to it, it will proceed to whack me over the head. It wants my attention, just like that seagull wanted my cake.

If I was to feed that seagull a little bit of my cake, it would want more and become even more aggressive. Next, other seagulls would notice and I'd have dozens of them attacking me, like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Talk about unmanageability! Lust is the same as those seagulls. If I feed my lust, it multiplies exponentially. But will want more than my cake, it wants me. Lust will never be satisfied and will continue to attack to me until I lose everything including my life.

I know that if I do not feed the seagulls they will eventually go away. Surrendering the need to feed them will avoid the attacking birds. Not feeding my lust and surrendering it to my Higher Power will help prevent additional lust attacking me. When I indulge lust by feeding it, it leads me to acting out and my life becomes unmanageable.