Progressive Recovery From Sex Addiction

I recently heard a fellow Sexaholics Anonymous member mention the difficulty he has had in naming the difference between his emotions. I suspect that this has been true for many of us--at least it was true for me anyway.  I have often had trouble identifying and sorting out my emotions.

Step One reminds me that my life has been unmanageable. Step Two says that I need a Power greater than myself to restore me to sanity.  In the Serenity Prayer, I ask God for wisdom to know the difference between things. This is important because I have often had trouble telling the difference between various feelings and emotions. Naming my emotions has been a  gradual process of growth for me. But by practicing Step Eleven--daily prayer and meditation--I can grow in peace and in emotional balance. By reading the Sexaholics Anonymous  literature and listening to others, I can begin to recognise better patterns in my own life and behavior. Being able to share with my sponsor and other SA friends has also been quite important to my recovery

Recovery and Naming of Emotions

Lots of important things are ongoing in my life today--things like breathing and my heart beating. I have a progressive disease, but I can also have progressive recovery. I will never have spiritual perfection, but I can have spiritual progress. If I keep coming back to SA, I can continue to grow in recovery, enjoy the company of others, and learn from them.

In the SA White Book  we read in "A Vision For You" (SA, page 210) that, "God will constantly disclose more to you and to us."    The process of my growth has required time and patience, and I have trouble with patience. But the Sexaholics Anonymous program of recovery works when I reach out, make the effort, and take the time to work the program as others have taught me. Thank you God for SA!

No Quick Fix For Feelings in Sexaholics Anonymous