EMER Speaker Workshop Committee

Mission Statement

To select, book and coordinate an SA speaker to provide one or more workshops, at one or more venues in Europe or the Middle-East, each year.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Selecting an SA speaker with long-term sobriety, a strong message and workshop skills
  • Coordinating with S-Anon, if they wish to participate, so that they can select their own speaker.
  • Agreeing a schedule of workshops and venues
  • Obtaining bids to host a workshop from member Intergroups and putting these to the RA for selection
  • Coordinating arrival and departure dates with a contact person at each venue 
  • Coordinating, booking, or helping to book, all intercontinental and international flights of the speaker
  • Helping host Intergroups to understand their responsibility for
    • organising their own workshop weekend
    • accommodating the speaker while in their country
    • pay a pre-agreed fee per participant to EMER
  • Arranging for EMER's treasurer to reimburse the speaker's flight costs
  • Ensuring that the host Intergroups pay the agreed fees to EMER's treasurer.
  • Investigating the possibilities of a longer stay

Committee Documents  (Only members explicitly granted permission can access)