EMER Information Technology Committee

Mission Statement

To enable SA members, Groups and Intergroups in Europe & the Middle East to carry the message and undertake service work more efficiently and effectively through the use of IT.

Committee Responsibilities

  • encouraging and enabling communications within and beyond the Regional service structure and especially between IG webservants.
  • leading IT related projects involving more than one Intergroup, as required.
  • providing oversight for all Regional IT facilitates or initiatives, including EMER’s own website.
  • liaising with other IT Committees in SA, including that of the Trustees.
  • advising the RA on IT matters, including the preparation of IT related budgets and spending plans.
  • developing an IT strategy and plan for the Region.
  • negotiating as required with IT service providers.
  • sharing knowledge on best practices, guidelines, tips, etc., across the Region.
  • facilitating regional PI activities by electronic means.
  • carrying the message to newcomers via the internet.

Committee Documents (Only members explicitly granted permission can access)