Role Modelling

I work extensively with men. This is about role-modelling rather than sexual boundaries. Role-modelling is critical. My sponsor said to me, "When you are able to work with your own kind, you've got a probability of success". Last night I talked to a man who's been sober in AA for more than 32 years but had never been taken through a sex inventory. I'm just pointing out the ineptness of a program that does not use the 12 Step design for living.

In many respects you (in SA) are much more blessed than we are in AA because you really are "on point". You're new, you're vigorous, you're stimulated. You're working the principles truly, because it's new and vibrant. I've seen AAs become so complacent at times. My AA home group are my people, but when I got my 32 year token the other day, I said "Some of you piss me off so bad that you can't imagine how good you are for my program. By the time I get home and I'm working on my resentment against your sorry ass, I get closer to God than I've ever been!"