My name is Burns B and I'm an alcoholic.

I'm a Board certified physician from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. From 1992-2008, I developed and ran the Physicians' Health Program for the State of Kentucky. Our team dealt with 1,500 doctors in Kentucky at that time. In 1989, three or four of us decided to create a major Indigent Program in Louisville. We developed The Healing Place, where we now sleep 400 men and women every night and have 300 engaged in a year-long program of recovery. In 2008, I began working in two major Kentucky prisons on a voluntary basis. We now have 400 men engaged in 20-week, inmate-managed, Big Book study programs.

I quit Methamphetamine in 1969. I didn't drink before then, but eight years later, I was drinking two quarts of whisky a night. So I've experienced cross-addiction. Today, I'm clean from meth for 40 years and clean from alcohol for 32 years. I still attend five AA meetings a week and am involved in a substantial number of Big Book studies.

Two years after my last drink, I said to my sponsor, "I don't give a damn whether I have a disease.  Just tell me what I've got to do not to drink". He replied, "You damn well better care that you've got a disease. If you don't, you might get so spiritual that one day you'll think you can take a drink". We are sick people recovering from an incurable disease. We're not bad people getting good.