Difficult to Overcome Sexaholism

Sexaholism Is Difficult To Overcome

Evening reflection - For HP, lust is not difficult to overcomeAs I have heard from other Sexaholics Anonymous members, the disease of sexaholism is overwhelmingly difficult to overcome. But that is good for me in a way, because the difficulty leads me to the conclusion that I'm powerless over my lust. And when things sometimes seem to be too difficult, it's a good reminder for me to know that I am powerless, and that I can't win unless I let my Higher Power win for me, by me working the programme of Sexaholics Anonymous. For my Higher Power, lust is not difficult to overcome.

How I overcame

I can also identify that lust temptations sometimes last really long or return often. The chapter “How I Overcame My Obsession with Lust” (in Sexaholics Anonymous, p. 158-167) mentions praying and admitting powerlessness sometimes “a hundred times a day” (p. 159, “Admit Powerlessness”). That's my experience also. And it seems that sometimes the next right thing for me to do might be just a recovery action (do some Step work, call another SA member, read the literature, attend a meeting, etc.), even though my mind tells me that I have some “real work” to do, and that I am too busy to just “waste all day” taking the actions that are needed in order for me to stay sober. I must remember that as long as I go to sleep sober tonight, I'm a winner. That's the most important thing, even if my productivity in other areas was low that day.