Dealing with Sexaholic Dreams

I thank God every time I have an acting-out dream. I've learned to accept that lust is an attitude that resides deep within me. When I have a dream, I just thank God and tell myself that it’s more of the Iust poison trying to get out of me.  Although these sort of dreams were disturbing at first, I now view the dreams as cleansing.  Upon awakening (see Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, pg 86) I do my morning meditation and begin my day by seeking conscious contact with my Higher Power.  If I'm still disturbed after that, I might do a written inventory or talk to another SA member,  but I try not to obsess about the details of a dream. That would be me allowing lust into my  conscious mind.  The prayer I say is "Thank you God for reminding me that I am a sexaholic,”  and I get on with my day.