Daily Fellowship in Sexaholics Anonymous

I make calls every day to men in our program, and most of the time I call just to say, “Hello, how are you doing?” because I must learn to give and not just take. Those calls can be five or ten minutes each, or sometimes as long as an hour. The Sexaholics Anonymous program is like a full-time job:  I clock in when I wake up in the morning and I clock out when I go to sleep. My real problem is a reception problem: I have trouble receiving love because of my self centeredness, which shuts out everyone else. That's why we say "we admitted we were powerless over lust."  I must receive the truth of my powerlessness. I must allow this truth into my closed-off, self-centered prison. To get out of that prison, I need a key, and I can only receive the key when I'm willing to receive it. What I don't realize is that the prison is a daily prison. Every day I need the key to get out of my self-centered prison. God has the key, not humans. But I must use my sponsor and others in Sexaholics Anonymous to allow him to help me get to God, so that I can receive the key.