Contented Sex Addict

I'm a sex addict, sober since July 1, 2015. It's been an interesting day. And thanks to my Higher Power, my sponsor, and my sobriety, I survived it quite well.

I won't go into details, but we had a "family meeting" with my daughter's therapist that did not go well between my daughter and my ex-wife.  It ended with my daughter in tears, and her mother losing control, snapping at the therapist, and storming out of the room. What did I do? I  simply waited for the implosion, went over to my daughter, comforted her, and sat with her through the pain she was feeling.  I cannot control my ex's behavior. I cannot own her behavior.  I will pray for her tonight, but I will leave the rest of it up to her and her Higher Power.

Then, on the way home, we were in the rain, in traffic, and got "tapped" on the back bumper of our car.  We got out of our cars and the fellow who hit me was very nice and apologetic.  There was no damage to either car. So we simply parted ways, with me telling him that it was no big deal.  Then, back in the car, I explained to my daughter that there was no need to get angry over a simple accident. I afforded this man a measure of grace.

And tonight I am feeling a lot of happiness and contentment.  I was able to support my daughter in a difficult time. I was able to forgive someone for an accident.  I've even been singing and humming silly songs all evening.

Sobriety is amazing.  And I can enjoy the day, even when it is full of trials.  Another thank you to my Higher Power and my sponsor. I hope everyone sleeps well. I know I will.