Connecting with God in Sex Addiction Recovery

Just this morning I was sharing with my Sexaholics Anonymous sponsor that I was feeling disconnected from my Higher Power. I had lost the sense of powerlessness and unmanageability. I told him that I was feeling more focused on work problems, and that I wanted to resolve those problems rather than work on improving my relationship with God. Two hours after that conversation, as I was driving down the highway, a wheel came off of  another vehicle and smashed into my car.  Later, the bank phoned me and said that my business account was overdrawn.  Then I learned that the building contractors upgrading my shop have not done certain things correctly, and they are blaming me for not having notified them about these things earlier. So after all of that, I phoned another SA member and shared, and then I felt calmer and I had a desire to connect with God again. After that call, I locked my office door, dropped to my knees, and thanked God for my sexual sobriety and for this wonderful life He has given me in this program for sex addiction recovery. Then later, as I typed a letter trying to report the accident to my insurance company, I felt that, by  God’s power, everything will be alright. Thank you God and thank you SA for this wonderful life in recovery!