Sobriety: Varies                                 Term: 6 months

This commitment is vital. If it is not done well, the Group's relationship with its landlord could be damaged. Ultimately the Group could lose its venue.

The meeting has two cleaners, one for cleaning inside the building and the other for cleaning outside.

The Inside Cleaner is responsible for ensuring that the floor, tables etc are clean, before and after the meeting and that any rubbish is thrown away.

The Outside Cleaner is responsible for ensuring that any rubbish, including cigarette butts, is properly disposed of. A tin placed outside each meeting can encourage the proper disposal of cigarette butts.

Brooms and dustpan & brush are to be found [here]. Cloths and other cleaning materials can be found [here].  

The cleaners are not responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen.

Cleaners need to check that the Secretary is satisfied with the state of the venue before they depart. With the Secretary, the cleaners are usually the last people to leave the venue.

A new cleaner, being sponsored into job by the old cleaner, needs to be shown where the cleaning utensils are, where rubbish tends to accumulate, what areas need to be cleaned and where rubbish should be disposed of.