Celebrating Ten Years of Sexual Sobriety in Sexaholics Anonymous

I would like to share some highlights of the these past 10 years, on the occasion of my tenth sobriety birthday. How did I do it?  Working the Steps with a sponsor worked of course. Meetings--which have been every day for me, for the past almost two years--have also worked. Sponsoring others, being of service inside and outside of the program, and making phone calls (sometimes as many as nine in one day).

But I would also like to lead with my weakness:

1) I once had a big resentment against my ex-son-in-law, who physically abused my daughter. I had to pray the resentment prayer over and over about this for three months. I was finally able to let that go when I saw him six months later, and I felt no anger toward him.

2) I had a mild heart attack five years ago, and I thought I was going to die. One of the things I thought about during that time in the hospital was how much I love the Sexaholics Anonymous fellowship and how much I would miss it. [By the way, I have no heart issues from that incident though I still visit a cardiologist. ]

3) About five years ago, I started taking classes again at the University, to get my undergraduate degree--which I did not get before because of my addiction. I am 55 years old now, and I will probably graduate by the time I’m  60, because my work schedule only allows time to take one course a semester.  But I am enjoying the journey.

4) I have tried different hobbies that I was afraid to attempt in the past:  playing the guitar, solving the Rubik's cube, playing golf, and juggling. I absolutely love to juggle!

5) I had to really trust my Higher Power when I took action against my former bully boss. I had a lot of fear about this person, and I feared that I would lose my job.  But I surrendered my fear daily (and sometimes hourly or minutely) to my Higher Power--and it worked out better than I could have ever managed.