Bringing My Sexaholic Behavior to the Light

I’ve noticed that when I need to bring something into the light or when I am tempted to lust, I feel more relief when sharing with members who have more sobriety than I do. Once when I felt guilty about having taken several looks at women on the street, I was afraid to call long-term sober members. Then I asked myself why I actually needed a phone call. If the answer is to help me stay sexually sober, then I have nothing to fear. Even if the member gives me feedback that I did not ask for or tells me something I would not like to hear (like “I think you're asking for trouble with such behaviour”), if it helps my sobriety, then I want the feedback. So when I have serious issues, I find it most helpful to share with my sponsor or with other Sexaholics Anonymous members  who've been sober longer than I have, and who have sexual sobriety as their number one priority.