Brain wave paucity

P3, P300 and low amplitude alpha brain waves are involved in handling stress. Unfortunately, stimulus augmenters have a paucity of these and consequent difficulties in processing stress. Most Neuro-Scientists know this but most Neurologists do not, as they are not taught it. If we conducted more brain wave studies on alcoholics and their offspring, we would begin to see a consistent pattern. It would be a good diagnostic tool, perhaps not a 100% accurate, but certainly accurate enough to help us to understand why we dance when we ought to be taking a nap; why we continue to cross boundaries that we know are absolutely destructive, yet our need to cross them is overwhelming. So we continue to do it for that momentary relief that is “worth the price” until we can't tolerate it anymore. At which point, the decision to live a spiritual life or to die in our addiction is not an easy one to make.