Better Relations With My Wife Because of Sexaholics Anonymous

My wife and I were playing a fun game with others this past holiday - there were lots of laughs. Ten of us were playing (five teams of two people each), and my wife and I were on a team. During the game there were playful challenges to some people's answers. It was funny to watch it all. But then there was a time when someone challenged one of my answers. We debated and then voted as we had with other challenges. Now here's the problem:  MY WIFE VOTED AGAINST ME!  Terrible, right? I got SO angry.

I tried to let it go, working every tool in the book, but I just wouldn't let go. I saw my part in it in my nightly review. I did an inventory on it. But it was still nagging me. So my wife and I talked about it last night, and she asked me. "Do you always want me to agree with everything you say and do?"  My very first thought was "Well, yes, of course I do!" But then sanity kicked back in and I finally saw that I was playing God. I told her no, I did not want her to agree with everything I do.  What a lesson I learned!  I am so grateful to be a sexaholic because I don't get these lessons any other way except through the Sexaholics Anonymous program of honesty which is restoring me to sanity.