Being of Service to Others Helps My Sexual Sobriety

Today, thanks to SA, my sponsees, my sponsor  and my Higher Power, I ran from lust temptations as from fire. OK, this was 30 seconds later than I should have, so I'm extra sensitive to lust today. I'm still powerless over lust, the Internet, my thinking, my emotions, and life itself.

But I'm grateful to still be able to be of service. I stopped at a small kiosk today to buy something, and I saw another SA member who hadn’t returned my calls for over a week. He was down and depressed, and said that he was planning suicide. I tried to encourage him. I gave him a long warm hug, and I told him: "I think you're too sick. I think the SA fellowship is not enough for your case. You need the SA Program."  He laughed. I also mentioned that for me, recovery is a way of life that is full of joy and happiness. It is not a cripple's club. I encouraged him to call someone in the program, and to find someone who might be able to sponsor him

Let's all pray for this guy. And for me. And for all of the sexaholics out there, especially those who haven't heard about the SA solution just yet.