Attraction or Promotion?

For me, promoting would be saying that we are better than other S programs, therapy, or religion, and basically pushing something on a person who doesn’t want it. Whereas attraction works by making ourselves known for who we are, stating the facts, sharing our personal ES&H, and answering questions. We might put a sober ad in a newspaper, hand out business cards, schedule open meetings, speak at professional health teams, have an SA information stand at a health workers fair, and/or create an informational local website. These sorts of activities are useful in attracting others.

When I was at the SA Convention in Jerusalem two years ago, I was given a couple of business-sized cards that local SA members had made for outreach. Soon after, I was sitting in a bus and next to me was a tough-looking Israeli man looking at pictures of beautiful women on his smartphone. I gave him one of our cards. He said he didn't have the problem, so I suggested that he keep it and give it to a friend who might have the problem. In this way the man would not lose face, and he kept the card. Here in Belgium, we also have these cards, with one side printed in Flemish and the other in French.
I see these cards as tools for attraction and not promotion.