Anti-social personalities

Adolescent alcoholics are the same.  They may not lose control of the amount consumed and may not drink very often and may not drink a lot, but when they do drink they behave in a very anti-social manner. They shoot people, they steal cars, they wreck things, they tear up stores. These young people almost always end up in jail. Most Type 2s get a diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder.

We ran a survey on 250 guys in our homeless shelter. 90% of them carried a previous diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder. All of them had begun drinking before they were ten and had been in jail before they were fifteen. 90% of them had been in prison. Once they got into our programme and recovered fully using the 12 Steps, they were just adolescent alcoholics and drug addicts who had finally achieved a spiritual recovery.

There's been much research attempting to show that there's a lot anti-social behavioural disorders, in SA especially. I think that's because the people doing the research don't know what they're looking for. They said the same thing about alcoholism and drug addiction for many years. They just didn't know enough about the onset of these diseases, how they progress and how acting out (including rape) occurs. There are actually very few anti-social personalities in AA, NA or SA.